Co-working space called WekTech is available for lease at the Waterloo Innovation Network (WIN). Includes 24 hour access to dedicated workstations with locking overhead cupboards, and nightly cleaning services. WekTech will be a vibrant zone for technology & business development. Pioneered by Michael Wekerle, the goal behind the network is to encourage the continued growth of start-up tech companies in the Region of Waterloo, in combination with the development of a community of like-minded individuals.

170 Columbia Street West
Waterloo, ON. N2L 5W3
+1 (226) 336-1242



When you’re serious about starting a company, you’re ready to start working at WEKTECH. You might start with a coworking membership while you’re still working on the side and looking for a co-founder, and then upgrade to a dedicated desk or small office once you get some seed funding.

You could probably work from anywhere – your house, a coffee shop, or some extra space in someone else’s office – so why work at WEKTECH?

  • Inspiring Work Environment – You’re competing for talent against the biggest and best companies in Kitchener Waterloo. They spend big bucks to provide an amazing work environment that a small startup normally couldn’t compete with – but as part of WEKTECH you can have an awesome office that doesn’t break the bank with unmatched amenities like a view of the U Of W, a Future onsite Gym, stocked kitchen and future onsite games room.
  • Surrounded by Entrepreneurs – Everyone around you is working on tech startups and facing many of the same challenges. You might meet your co-founder in the kitchen or get a critical question answered in our exclusive workshops.
  • Introductions to Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists – Most of the local angel investors are WEKTECH partners and most of the ones who visit Kitchener Waterloo stop by for guest office hours to meet our startups. We’re constantly introducing investors to entrepreneurs. If you can get two of our Partners to invest in your startup, it can potentially unlock hundreds of thousands of dollars in automatic matching funds.
  • Month-to-Month – Landlords in Kitchener Waterloo demand a minimum term of 3 years for a lease downtown. Startup CEOs don’t know how many employees they will have 3 months from now, never mind 3 years from now! Month to month means you only pay for what you actually use and don’t get stuck double-paying when you outgrow your space. We have a variety of seating options that you can mix and match including shared desks, dedicated desks, private offices, and a special “sales pit” for people on the phone all day.

“Reciprocity… Generosity… but most importantly Empathy”
– Michael Wekerle